@ Omar Apollo Concert // YouTube

@ Omar Apollo Concert

With my @ series I’ll be sharing some of the experiences I embark on. In this video is some footage from the Omar Apollo concert I went to on Monday 19th November at The Pickle Factory in East London with my concert buddy Niya. Be sure to check out my two previous videos in which I show you beforehand how I got ready for the concert.

Watch my GRWM videos on the lead up to the concert.

It was my first time going to this particular venue, The Pickle Factory in East London. It was small and intimate, and the bathroom wasn’t dirty. The nearest tube station is Bethnal Green on the Central line and even closer is the Overground station Cambridge Heath. I’m from North London so East is a whole other realm for me, but it’s pretty easy to navigate around London.

The Pickle Factory

The supporting act Curtis Walsh was amazing, and I particularly liked the song Perfect Rain that he played.

Curtis Walsh – Perfect Rain

If you enjoy his music, you’re bound to enjoy this video of him successfully hyping up the crowd with his great guitar and vocal skills. In the video on my YouTube I showed the videos in the order of when they were performed so the setlist was:

  1. Erase
  2. Ugotme
  3. Ignorin
  4. Lucky
  5. Pram
  6. Heart
  7. His new single Trouble (which I did not post the recording of since it wasn’t out yet)
  8. Some other exclusive content
  9. Amor Malo
  10. Brakelights
  11. Unbothered
  12. Hijo de Su Madre

Here is some exclusive content which may or may not be Omar Apollo giving the crowd at the concert a preview of his latest single Trouble:

I couldn’t put this in my video since the song wasn’t out yet but here’s some exclusive footage!

Make sure to also check out my Instagram: damilaara_ for posts of Omar Apollo live.

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