glitter lipgloss // #DIYwithDami // YouTube

An easy way to get glam!

Watch as I demonstrate how I made these glitter lip glosses that I have featured in my previous video. Such a great way to use basic products and enhance your whole look! Get creative and reach out for any pigments you might have that you’d love to turn into lip gloss.

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date day/night look // outfit // YouTube

You gotta dress cute too.

This video shows a series of outfits I paired with my date makeup look.

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date day/night look // base eyes lips // YouTube

Have a date coming up?

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, this is a soft, versatile look that you can wear on any date, with any outfit, at any time, glam but not too glam, so if your date isn’t a serious candidate you won’t feel like you went too out of the way.

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how to make akara // #cookwithDami // YouTube

Let’s cook!

Over the last year or so I’ve been trying to divulge in learning to cook Nigerian dishes to get closer to my heritage, but more so to have the best food for myself. Most recently I made akara for the first time – so here it is! If I can do it, anyone can do it. This is probably one of the simplest Nigerian recipes you will ever follow.

Valentine’s is coming… tomorrow! It’s not too late to buy the ingredients to serve your partner (or yourself) breakfast in bed.

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glitter earrings // re[fashion] // YouTube

1st episode of re[fashion]!

Welcome to the first episode of re[fashion]! This series is somewhat a subsection of #DIYwithDami where I transform pieces of whatever.

I chose this song (Tyler, the Creator – Glitter) because duh. This is such an easy way to amp up a piece of jewellery, and as shown in the video, you don’t have to just use glitter nail polish you can use solid colour, metallic, duo chrome, anything! Comment below if you have ever tried anything like this yourself. I’m going to take these earrings I got on sale from Primark and customise them. I saw them and I instantly thought of the lovely coloured Perspex hoops that Alissa Ashley can sometimes be seen wearing – on this Instagram post for example.

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how to make a satin bonnet // #DIYwithDami // YouTube

Learn how to make your own bonnet to protect your hair!

Join me as I make the first project venture while I relax after wash day listening to some songs on this ICONIC album A Seat at the Table by Solange on #DIYwithDami: how to make a silk bonnet!

Looking after your hair is important regardless if you partake in wearing protective styles such as wigs or braids and we’ve all used a silk scarf at some point and woken up with it having slipped off. Using a bonnet is really a great option to protect your hair from the elements while indoors (or outdoors if you like it like that). You can opt to buy one online, visit your local hair shop or you can make one – as you can see, I chose the latter – and I hope you enjoy watching as I make this slightly slap-dash bonnet!

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how to thread a sewing machine // #DIYwithDami // YouTube

Welcome to the first instalment of #DIYwithDami where I take you along my sewing project journeys!

Let’s get to it!

I chose the song Mac Ayres – Get to You Again in this video because I genuinely want to get into sewing again! This is the beginning. My voice sounds horridly high in the video, but I tried my best to demonstrate how to thread a front-loading bobbin sewing machine. A great video for absolute beginners who may have plenty of project ideas but don’t know how to sew! Grab your family’s dusty old sewing machine or buy a relatively cheap starter one if you’re passionate about learning a new skill. Some reputable brands are Singer (the brand of my sewing machine), Brother, Janome and Bernina to name a few. Let me know what sewing machines you use, if your preference is front/drop-in loading bobbin machines and beginner friendly projects you have or plan to execute!

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@ Omar Apollo Concert // YouTube

@ Omar Apollo Concert

With my @ series I’ll be sharing some of the experiences I embark on. In this video is some footage from the Omar Apollo concert I went to on Monday 19th November at The Pickle Factory in East London with my concert buddy Niya. Be sure to check out my two previous videos in which I show you beforehand how I got ready for the concert.

Watch my GRWM videos on the lead up to the concert.

It was my first time going to this particular venue, The Pickle Factory in East London. It was small and intimate, and the bathroom wasn’t dirty. The nearest tube station is Bethnal Green on the Central line and even closer is the Overground station Cambridge Heath. I’m from North London so East is a whole other realm for me, but it’s pretty easy to navigate around London.

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GRWM Omar Apollo Concert // eyes lips outfit // YouTube

Continue to get ready with me as I prepare for the Omar Apollo Concert! Gain an insight into how I apply my eyeshadow, the perfect nude lip and a graphic liner which is sure to add variety to your look. Also, a little snippet of my outfit which I wore to the concert, so you are able to see how my clothes tie in with my makeup.

Latter portion of GRWM for concert.
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GRWM Omar Apollo Concert // base // YouTube

Watch as I get ready for the Omar Apollo Concert

In this video I show the process of how I got ready for the Omar Apollo concert which took place on Monday 19th November 2018 at The Pickle Factory in East London with my concert buddy Niya. This GRWM will be shown in two parts – this one showcasing a detailed display of how I do my baby hairs as well as the base of my makeup.

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