skincare routine + quick braids hair prep // YouTube

My first YouTube post!

Welcome to my first blog post that goes along with the first video on my new YouTube channel! In the video I outline my current skincare routine and how I prepare my hair quickly for wig use in the lead up to my first proper outing at Notting Hill Carnival.

Recently, I have been trying to upgrade my skin by keeping to a strict skincare routine and it’s the first time in my life that I have actually succeeded in sticking to a regimen and I’ve seen how it is such an important part of self-care. It’s been hard to keep up, especially PM skincare and when I’m not going out and feeling lazy. Though, I am looking forward to trying new products and furthering the improvement of knowing my skin and getting better at following routine.

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starting off

My name is Damilaara. This blog is me just sharing some of what I do in terms of makeup, hair, fashion and lifestyle. Learning about software is also one of the highlights of this blog and my YouTube channel as I crave knowledge about technology and this is a great outlet for my budding technological skills. I also enjoy writing a lot and have since I was a lot younger. It would be nice to solidify my words into something really tangible. Who knows where this will go but I hope to have a lot of fun just chilling and creating and showing a glimpse of myself to whoever wants to see. I may not be a professional but I have been doing my own makeup for many years now (possibly about 6). I have also been trying to be self sufficient with my hair and I finally feel as though I’m getting somewhere with my hair journey, but I know much improvement is needed in taking care of my natural hair. DIY and fashion are two of my favourite things which is one of the reasons I have started up this channel since I would love to motivate myself to try, fail and possibly succeed in the many projects in my head that have yet to become reality.